Slow Ways linking Camborne and Hayle, Helston, Penryn, Redruth

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Slow Way Route To do
Camhel one

Double check Distance 18km/11mi Ascent 308m Descent 244m
Camhel two Survey me Distance 17km/10mi Ascent - Descent -
Campen one Pioneer me Distance 20km/13mi Ascent 389m Descent 310m
Camred one Survey me Distance 7km/4mi Ascent 125m Descent 112m
Haycam one Review me Distance 12km/7mi Ascent 215m Descent 121m
Haycam two Pioneer me Distance 12km/8mi Ascent 227m Descent 134m

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Latest Updates

As other reviewers have noted, the section just south of Blue Pool farm is the poor part of this route....

Bryan Johnson

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You cannot miss the magnificent Carn Brea near Redruth....


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The urban footpath into Cambourne was lively when I passed and Cambourne has a bustling and varied town centre to explore....


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The route is largely okay for wheels but if you want to visit St Euny Church there is a small obstruction largely aimed at cyclists....

John Pestle

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I walked this route from Camborne to Helston on an August evening - it has been very dry too. The short section on the B3303 is probably the least pleasant section of the whole walk, althogh there is a wide verge on the left hand side to utilise for most of this stretch. A bonus at the end of the walk was the walk following the River Cober from Lowertown to the outskirts of Helston....


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everydayduffy took this photo on Camhel two

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All the inclines were pretty gentle other than a particularly steep section up from the River Cober in to Helston, but this could potentially be avoided by carrying on down the river to the roundabout near Lidl....


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I walked this Slow Way (with the previous reviewer on 19th July) and confirm that there were far too many issues between Troon -> Releath on this route to make it feasible. Some parts involved battling through dense 8ft high vegetation, and other paths appeared non-existent. I have replotted CamHel2 as completely new route and plan to try soon....


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everydayduffy added Camhel two, a new walk from Camborne to Helston

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The majority of footpaths are unusable either because they no longer exist, have been so underused they’ve become impassable or have been blocked by the landowners. The extent of the issues means an entirely new route needs to be plotted....


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A fairly easy walk mostly following National Cycle Route 3 which is well waymarked....

Charles Hedley

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Pamhall surveyed Camborne

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Slow Ways added Camhel one, a new walk from Camborne to Helston

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Slow Ways added Campen one, a new walk from Camborne to Penryn

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Slow Ways added Camred one, a new walk from Camborne to Redruth

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Slow Ways added Haycam one, a new walk from Hayle to Camborne

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Slow Ways added Haycam two, a new walk from Hayle to Camborne

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