Slow Ways linking Caister-on-Sea and Acle, Great Yarmouth, Stalham

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Slow Way Route To do
Aclcai one Survey me Distance 17km/10mi Ascent 82m Descent 81m
Caister-on-Sea—Great Yarmouth
Caigre one Enjoy me Distance 6km/4mi Ascent 19m Descent 21m
Stacai one Pioneer me Distance 27km/17mi Ascent 114m Descent 112m

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It's a sandy/ grassy/ dune as said below but mostly flat and also agree its a much quieter alternative to walk along the beach. I took my shoes off and walked barefoot by the seashore for some it, which was joyful. The number 8 bus from Caister to Great Yarmouth is quite frequent....


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It's quieter to walk the route fully on the beach, but that's less accessible and there's decent public transport (bus) between start and end points if you're only walking one way....

Alex Bennett

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Coming from Caister > Acle direction, there was a footbridge over the dual carriage way with a number of steps on either side, as well as then walking off road on fields (through well marked paths), but 1 or 2 gates....

Matt Tre

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A pleasant walk that is mostly along seaside promenades from Great Yarmouth up until the holiday park between Great Yarmouth and Caister, where the pavement ends and the path goes onto the back of the dunes, before then turning inland past the Lifeboat station. (this section prior to turning in is the most difficult part, and, as another review has mentioned, could probably be avoided by turning into the large car park first, prior to the lifeboat station. (only reason for 4* and not 5*)...

Matt Tre

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This is just after Acle bridge if walking towards Caister where it's on the A1064 with a wide verge ( if you cross over on top of the bridge) but it doesn't stop it being a little unsettling as people drive past at the limit. That could be avoided if took the path along the road to Acle Bridge....


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The route could also be walked mostly on the beach proper even at high tide from Caister to Britannia pier in Great Yarmouth. The slight deviation at great Yarmouth takes you onto the path between the beach and the waterways away from the road....


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One short section on busy A1064 which is unavoidable....


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Beautiful easy walk along country paths with only a few hundred yards near Acle Bridge along very busy road where caution needs to be exercised. Great views over the marshes....


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Slow Ways added Aclcai one, a new walk from Acle to Caister-on-Sea

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Caister-on-Sea—Great Yarmouth

Slow Ways added Caigre one, a new walk from Caister-on-Sea to Great Yarmouth

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Slow Ways added Stacai one, a new walk from Stalham to Caister-on-Sea

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Caister-on-Sea, Mon 27 March

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52.64914° / 1.72506°

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652,068E / 312,223N


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