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Barmouth / Y Bermo


Slow Ways linking Barmouth and Dolgellau, Harlech, Trawsfynydd, Tywyn

Wales / Gwynedd / Barmouth

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Slow Way Route To do
Bardol one Survey me Distance 15km/10mi Ascent 198m Descent 194m
Bartra one Pioneer me Distance 28km/18mi Ascent 1,285m Descent 1,063m
Harbar one Pioneer me Distance 22km/14mi Ascent 625m Descent 626m
Tywbar one Verify me Distance 22km/14mi Ascent 602m Descent 600m

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Latest Updates

I walked this route Barmouth to Tywyn and enjoyed it very much,it is reasonably direct and has wonderful views long abandoned buildings the occasional large disused slate quarry forestry and plenty of sheep.The nature of route gives the walker several fairly steep climbs but that has it’s rewards.There a few styles and ladder styles but mostly metal kissing gates many looking recently installed but way markers seem to missing at many of these sites.After crossing Barmouth bridge(£1 toll!)one arrives at the A493 this road is busy turning left towards Barmouth after a short distance the footpath is on the right(no pavement take care)This path will eventually take youto rejoin the Welsh coastal path which will take you all the way to Tywyn.Finger posts and way markers are there but very inconsistent and I feel gps/paper map is essential to have to hand,I came across no obstructions broken styles or access issues and train /bus services are good but only every couple hours (I have used both)...

J w ollid

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This doesn't really need another review, but in case you still need convincing......


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The majority of the route follows the line of the old Great Western railway, and the path is a good metalled earth and stone attractively following the river Mawddach closely from the crossing at the mouth of the estuary (don't forget some change for the toll) right down into Dolgellau, with a good mix of woodland and open sections, with great views across the river and saltmarsh....

Hiking Historian

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Straightforward flat route with great views of the Mawddach estuary which follows the National Cycle Route 8 and so is well signposted. Can be busy with cyclists on a good weekend day. Mostly an old railway line, so only one short road section getting out of Barmouth....

David Cooper

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David Cooper took this photo on Tywbar one

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Mostly fields (sheep) and country / forest lanes except for the entry into Barmouth (same as Barmouth to Dolgellau, the road to the railway bridge can be busy). Stiles (photo) and fields make it a walking trail only. The second is longer and obvious - the farmer is very clear about not following the gpx (see photo), but the WCP is clear, keep going up the hill a little further....

David Cooper

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Highlights: mudlarking along the way, epic views, the brilliant bridge, lunch and shelter at the George right on the trail, the well-provisioned Dol playground in evening sunshine, the lovely massive TH Roberts cake emporium, the going on holiday without a car, packing light, picnics, giant firm cumulus, stopping at exactly low tide and walking right across to the north side of the estuary on sand expanses, eastertime green hazes of new buds, a pint of shandy, everyone's delight that it went well, and the cracking open of my long incarceration. Downsides: main road out of Barmouth to the bridge is hairy - sheer rock, pavement narrower than the bike trailer in places, cars and caravans and lorries and buses taking the bends too fast and one or two having to mount the pavement....


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Just head for a large estuary crossing railway bridge either at the beginning or end of your journey in Barmouth.....

Rhys Jones

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Barmouth has good bus services from Dolgellau. Once you have left Barmouth, there are public toilets near Morfa Mawddach station (although at time of writing these were closed for repairs) and at Penmaenpool Bridge - almost 10km apart! Whilst there is wooden picnic seating along the way, there were no refreshments available between Barmouth and Penmaenpool Bridge (The George Inn). The footpath does have a steepish ascent which can become narrow leading up to a point you cross the busy road to join the decent towards the very impressive Barmouth rail bridge. The wooden pathway over the bridge was very treacherous underfoot with ice - especially on the Barmouth side where the path was in the shade. Over the bridge, the path bears North East to follow the Mawddach Trail following the old train line (closed in 1965) towards Dolgellau....


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Slow Ways added Bardol one, a new walk from Barmouth to Dolgellau

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Slow Ways added Bartra one, a new walk from Barmouth to Trawsfynydd

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Slow Ways added Harbar one, a new walk from Harlech to Barmouth

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Slow Ways added Tywbar one, a new walk from Tywyn to Barmouth

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Barmouth, Thu 25 April



Barmouth’s Slow Ways starting point

Grid ref


Lat / Lon

52.72172° / -4.05569°

Easting / Northing

261,258E / 315,767N

Fancy stretching your legs a bit more?

If you’ve polished off all of the routes between Barmouth and its neighbours, how about walking its whole web?

This includes the great ring of routes that join its neighbours to each other!


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