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Menban one
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By a Slow Ways Volunteer on 07 Apr 2021







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This is a Slow Ways route connecting Menai Bridge and Bangor.

Know of a better route? Share it here.

This is a Slow Ways route connecting Menai Bridge and Bangor.

Know of a better route? Share it here.


This route has been reviewed by 1 person.

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Geography information system (GIS) data

Total length

Maximum elevation

Minimum elevation

Start and end points

Menai Bridge
Grid Ref SH5568772050
Lat / Lon 53.22585° / -4.16323°
Easting / Northing 255,687E / 372,050N
What3Words according.cute.renewals
Grid Ref SH5818672185
Lat / Lon 53.22774° / -4.12588°
Easting / Northing 258,186E / 372,185N
What3Words proposes.buildings.hours

Menban One's land is

Coast 6.5%
Urban 93.5%

Data: Corine Land Cover (CLC) 2018


Kate EW

26 Mar 2022 Spring

This is the obvious route to walk ... but misses the opportunity to walk off road.. I would suggest that you could 1) follow the coastal path (great view), or 2) divert into Menai woods 3) or walk up via roman camp (again views!) 4) You could even miss out the section on Holyhead road by going via Brewery Fields.

  • Daisy C

    Daisy C

    17 Oct 2022

    Hello Kate. I'd like to upload one of the better routes as you've suggested, and drew this one based on your coast path suggestion. But I'm not local and would like to check a few things before actually uploading it. It sounds like you know the area well, maybe you can help?

    Is it possible to get straight off the bridge onto Beach Road like this route version does? Maps and Street View suggest not, but sometimes they can be misleading.

    And speaking of misleading maps the OS maps online at show a coastal footpath around the University Normal Site, but it wasn't on the maps used by my route planning website. And you didn't mention it either. So I checked the university's own website and Strava too (assuming students use it for running) and the Gwynedd council map but found no signs of it. This link should open the same OS map view I was looking at.

    What do you think?

  • Kate EW

    Kate EW

    17 Oct 2022

    I'm puzzled by the reference to Beach Road, as the route goes nowhere near it. (Beach Road, Bangor is the stretch of A5 at the top right of your map). Coming off the Menai Suspension Bridge you are on Holyhead Road/ Ffordd Caergybi.

    The right of way running along the beach below the Normal site is not part of the official Wales Coast Path. We tried going that way some years ago and it's not obvious where to go, also you need the tide not be high. I wouldn't recommend that route.

    From your number 2, your route appears to follow the path which goes through the Nantporth Nature Reserve as far as Gored y Gut, where it turns inland. You should be aware that there is newly-opened alternative which skirts the fields just above the woodland. The Nature Reserve path is passable if you like that sort of thing, but it involves many steps up and down, traversing a muddy path with a steep slope sideways through woodland. We prefer the alternative, which has better views inland and is an easier walk.

    I hope that helps

  • Daisy C

    Daisy C

    19 Oct 2022

    Hello Kate. I'm so pleased you've replied, thank you! I'm afraid the notification got buried in my inbox or I would have got back to you sooner.

    High tide only path sounds like a terrible idea, I'll definitely avoid that bit.

    And Beach Rd, I was pretty confused by your answer, but eventually I realised there are two. I meant on the Anglesey side of the bridge. The coast path seems to cross below the bridge and seems to be called Beach Road (that's what my OSM map labels it at least). And it looks to me as if the Menban 1 route jumps straight over the railing on the northwest side of the bridge and drops onto the coast route below but it seems more likely that you'd have to walk right to the roundabout and then down somehow in order to follow the coast for a bit. Maybe I'll just use Telford Rd instead. I hope that is clearer. It's not always easy to explain as different names float to the surface at different magnifications and on different online maps, and often not quite in the right place. And that's without the dual-languages.

    The easier field path near Nantporth NR sounds ideal. I think I can see bits of it faintly on the Bing aerial view, actually there might be two. And I can't make out the end sections. I haven't found a map, but I don't know quiet what to search for. Do you know of an online map, I don't want to send people up the wrong side of a stream or over a cliff!

  • Daisy C

    Daisy C

    19 Oct 2022

    *quite* - not quiet.

  • Kate EW

    Kate EW

    20 Oct 2022

    Ah yes, Beach Road in Menai Bridge, or Lon Cei Bont. [beach road in Bangor in generally referred to by the English name, but the road in Menai Bridge generally is referred to by the welsh name].As you had it in the later version is right, you walk along that road along the coast, where you pass under the bridge, 100 feet above you, then walk up a steep path towards the Anglesey Arms and then join the road to cross the bridge.
    I'm not aware of an online source for the field path around the Nature Reserve, although Google street view allows you to 'walk' the path through the reserve. The alternative basically just skirts the wooded area around the field boundaries. It's fenced off from the fields so very easy to follow on the ground.

  • Daisy C

    Daisy C

    21 Oct 2022

    Great! Nearly there...

    Would this work?

  • Kate EW

    Kate EW

    21 Oct 2022

    Yes ...

  • Daisy C

    Daisy C

    22 Oct 2022

    All done. Cheers!

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