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Route — Wreche-3312

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Existing problems reported with Wreche-3312

  • I believe the southern section of this route around SJ 33964 54253 may be too unsafe to be promoted. The public footpaths in this area still exist, but are effectively severed by the A483 high-speed dual carriageway and are little-used. Wrexham Borough Council's definitive map shows all paths stopping short of the dual carriageway itself. While some provision appears to have originally been made to continue the route across the road, it appears more of a technical bare-minimum provision to avoid path closure than a workable right of way suitable for regular use. Navigating the route requires descending to a narrow gravel and grass verge alongside a very busy road then negotiating a difficult unmarked crossing through a gap in the central reservation barriers. Locating the correct onward route (especially when heading south) is difficult due to vegetation growth, a lack of signage and no proper footway between the paths. There is a high risk of walkers finding themselves on the wrong side of the crash barriers alongside high speed traffic at a time when they may be distracted by the difficulty of locating the onward route. Reported 03 May 2021

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