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Route — Ripleas-4655

Only use this page to report problems with a route. Problems might include routes being badly drawn, inappropriate or not fitting with the Slow Ways methodology.

To report problems with paths (such as locked gates, rampant overgrowth, missing signs or blockages) please contact Rambler's Pathwatch

Existing problems reported with Ripleas-4655

  • Brinsley FP25 at SK 45080 49001 there is no gap, gate or stile to cross the boundary. This has been reported to Notts CC today 24/4/2021. There is a stile at SK 45117 48873 but no sign to direct users to it. Should the route be amended to use the available stile. How do we advise Slow Way users? Reported 24 Apr 2021
  • Aldercar and Langley Mill FP 34 at SK 44701 49128 waterlogged even after six weeks without rain. Pond close by is culprit. Reported to Derbys CC today 24/4/2021. Reported 24 Apr 2021

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