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Route — Fargod-8628

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Existing problems reported with Fargod-8628

  • I created this route yesterday. A number of issues (a) with the creation process, (b) with the GPX file. (a) No guidance on what you want in 'Description'. I uploaded 17 photos (note - the upload box refers to 'photos' plural), one by one, but only the last one appears - guidance please. The titles I gave the photos in the file name don't appear - so there is no photo caption; not helpful. I now can't edit what I have input - why not? (b) The GPX file I generated on my walk [using GPX Tracker on my iPad] had quite a few random points, which I have removed, but I can't find a way of moving or adding points so they define the route - at the moment, I don't believe the GPX file is accurate enough to be able to follow this route, including one section where the iPad recorded no points for 1/2 mile. Reported 01 May 2021

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