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Route — Ashgui-2481

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Existing problems reported with Ashgui-2481

  • The route goes across MOD land. There is a lot of MOD land in this area - some is always open, some is not. This particular bit often has closures. I go up there fairly regularly, so wouldn't want to see no routings there, but there needs to be some way to prompt people to check timings and have an alternate in mind. If that isn't possible on the system, then it should be de-emphasised. I've done a few alternates this afternoon due to this issue (two I'm happy with that go to the south of the ranges, and one that goes to the north, but might as well be AshBro + BroGui). Honestly, if I were going to do AshGui, I'd go across the ranges directly - but then I live right next to Ash Vale node and am familiar with the ranges... so I'd love a database extension for 'check timings'. There is a path that hugs the fence, but I can't gpx that for you from the laptop as its all in the trees! ... and it'd probably only shave about a km from the route I did earlier that goes Ash Vale to Ash through Christmas Pie to Guildford. The more serious issue with this particular route for me is that it appears to follow the railway at Wood Street Village. The path actually goes across the railway, before joining a NS path and then crossing *back* a few hundred metres further on.... Reported 01 May 2021

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