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  • Hi, I've just added a review of the Souhed one route which I walked on 21st November 2022. I actually walked a variation of the given walk as I feel it added to the pleasure of the walk (more 'off road') as it involved less busy road walking. However I was unsure whether this slight variation met the criteria for a new route or whether just adding the details to my review will be enough? I'd value your advice please as I'm new to reviewing- this is my second review having previously reviewed Eashed one (Eastleigh to Hedge End). Many thanks David B Reported 27 Nov 2022
  • This is a follow-up to your previous request #1100 "Problem with a Review: 7474" Hi Christie Thank you for your reply and apologies for my slow response. In deciding if my 'variation' warrants being listed as a new route I find several things in the 10 point methodology you listed are in conflict! I see the variation as being safer (point 1) as there is less walking along main roads. However it is less accessible for those with buggies or wheelchairs (point 3) as it goes along tracks in the green areas rather than paved paths. The variation is also in agreement with points 5 and 9 i.e. being more 'off-road' and 'be enjoyable and beautiful' as it goes through more green areas. The route variation follows the start of the Itchen Way, an established route, (point 10) which I'll add to my description. How do you balance out these conflicting points? I shall most probably leave my review as a review of the existing route rather than add it as a new route unless you advise otherwise. Many thanks David Reported 05 Dec 2022

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