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  • Hi Cristie Hope you had a nice weekend Easilf 3 is a fairly new route in East London, a few months old. Added because Easilf 2 (one of the originals) had a flaw. It has one positive review. It does show on the progress map but only just. It doesn't show as a positive review or a negative review. It doesn't show as to be pioneered. It doesn't show as the zero option for verified or positive or anything else either (but what route does!). I realised after quite a bit of faffing around that it does show under All routes. Oddly Easilf 2 (which it replaces) shows as both a negative review and as to be pioneered. Easilf 3 is probably the only one that's likely to get "positively reviewed" but it is fine on the main site and the area has plenty of other slow ways so it won't appear to be a huge hole in the network. It's just a new one for me. I'm not sure if I'm remembering this right, but is the progress map is being phased out? If that's right then ignore this, if not then please treat it as the lowest priority or none at all. I've stopped worrying about other strange things on there but if this is new to me then perhaps it's new to you too? Thanks Daisy Reported 25 Nov 2023

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