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  • As marked on the map, the route is impossible to follow in parts of Welwyn Garden City. In order from south to north: Between Digswell Rise and Knightsfield - there is no path on the west side of the railway. There is a cycle / pedestrian path on the east side of the railway (called Lyles Lane). North of Knightsfield, the path along the west side of the railway (which appears to be an unofficial cut through rather than a proper path) can be followed for only about 80m, where it emerges into Burycroft adjacent to garages. After this point there is no path on this side of the railway, so the route needs to follow Burycroft up to its junction with Harwood Hill, the Harwood Hill to its juction with Sewells to the playground at the end of this road, whereupon there is a cycle path that rejoins and then follows more or less the marked route to Bessemer Road. After this the route appears to be feasible to follow. There are also other streets and alleys east of the Railway that could provide an alternative route between Knightsfield and Bessemer Road. Reported 20 May 2021

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