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  • I received a error code 500 (server error) whilst uploading this review. No photographs were uploaded and the review has uploaded twice. Reported27 Jun 2022
  • This is a follow-up to your previous request #1086 "Problem with a Route: Bexda..." Hi Cristie Oddly BexDar 2 =10125, which was the twin of this, isn't displaying properly on my laptop or my phone. Text, photos, etc is there, but the big map and route line is an entirely white space. Maybe there was an upload problem after all. I've just double checked, the same thing is still happening. No route line and no base map. Legend and buttons on top right are there but have no effect. Have refreshed page several times. Bex Dar One and other routes display ok though. Come to think of it neither One nor Two show on the progress map although both have positive reviews. And, just checked, if you click on the route line of BexDar 2 from another page it takes you to 10126=BexDar 3! I've got copies of the two texts and photos so if it's easiest to just delete BexDar Two and start again on a fresh BexDar route I could do that. Daisy Reported25 Nov 2022
  • This route runs through the Broad Ride of Cirencester Park from Cecily Hill to Sapperton. This is not a public right of way (according to the online Gloucestershire PROW map). Only the east part of the Broad Ride are open to the public and the gates are locked at 18:00 every evening. To get from Sapperton to Cirencester follow the Thames Severn Way to the Tunnel House and cut across to Coates and then through the Royal Agricultural University farm fields to the Foss Way just west of Cirencester Reported16 Apr 2021

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