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  • It seems that line breaks can't be used when leaving reviews, which may make these difficult to read. Reported 25 Apr 2021
  • I can't get into the swarm stats page, getting Error 500 Sorry, something has gone wrong whether I try from home or from the swarm page, both of which go to (I was logged in on Chrome on a Windows laptop but get the same result not logged in on Safari on an iPad mini). I am trying to write an article for the Walkers are Welcome internal newsletter, I have this currently (from Facebook) At the time of writing some reports are yet to be received but, nationally, Slow Ways report that, during the swarm :195 routes had been reviewed; 2,008.0 km (1,247.7 miles) of reviews had been shared; 33 routes had been fully verified. I hope this is reasonably accurate. Reported 06 Apr 2022

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