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  • Can't operate your site. Set up an account. - Message saying I needed to download the app - Tried to find Slow Ways App in App store - it wasn't there - Downloaded route but it said it didn't work in my area - Tried another way and it seemed to download it but then went to another area of the country I'd love to use Slow Ways app and add to walks etc, but it's very frustrating if the site doesn't work. Thanks. Julia Reported 23 Apr 2021
  • The slowway is cutting across a field that has been ploughed and lost lost Hereford hedgerow therefore no longer exists. There is a pathway adjacent which the slowway joins further up but now I required from the border of widnes near Mill lane Reported 25 Jun 2021
  • Hello, a route I uploaded and reviewed Potenf2 (potters Bar to Enfield Town Two) has disappeared. Instead I have Ascot to Lightwater in its place. I had some void Ascot routes last year but this was recognised and fixed. I can re-do Potenf2, but can it be recovered? And can the void route Asclig be removed (again). Thank you. Tony Reported 30 Jun 2022
  • I accidentally left a comment on someone's review rather than submitting a review myself. Can't figure out how to delete it. Reported 20 Aug 2021
  • Re: MidPet 1 I tried to suggest an alternative route to the current Mid-Pet route which includes stretches alongside busy main roads (eg. the A272) as well as a long narrow single track lane with high hedges on both sides which is used as a cut through by traffic and very large horse boxes during the polo season, so I think it is not a good walking route. Perhaps it is ok for careful adult cyclists though. I uploaded my route (which I have attached) but not being very technical I don't think I succeeded. I also wrote a long description of the route, and very sadly I don't think that uploaded as the web page timed out while I was writing it and I don't have a record of it, but obviously I can re-write it. I'd really like to help as I know this area well and enjoy walking, but I need a bit of advice about how to use the system more successfully. So firstly, here is my alternative suggested route to Mid-Pet that I mapped out using the Ordnance Survey website. Is the file I have attached the sort of thing that you need? Is there something I can do to improve it as perhaps I have put in too many points (at each place the path turned a corner)? Secondly, could you send me an example of a route description so I know how much detail I should write? Many thanks and well done for embarking on this project, I think it is a fabulous resource. Caroline Reported 08 May 2021
  • Jock's Road / Tolmouth remains inaccessible, Storm Arwen wiped out much of Glen Doll's forests and the path between Glen Doll ranger base and the end of the forest is still blocked. Access is possible by walking up the South Esk, going left round by Loch Esk and reaching Crow Craigies that way, then down to Braemar Reported 29 Apr 2022
  • Hi. My husband and I attempted to walk this route today, and a middle section of the published route did not correlate at all with the walking routes available. At one point the route crosses a stream and there is no way of crossing it at that place. It appears that a volunteer walked this route on 7 April but their review is not shown on the website- do you have any more details, and is this type of issue commonplace? We had to deviate from the route with difficulty to complete it. Kind Regards, Karen Reported 10 May 2021

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