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For Prelon 2411 by Burnroyd

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    1. Walking Prelon one from Preston to Longridge. This is the major road-crossing of the Ringway. The main carriageways have pedestrian lights but the sliproads have not. 1 km from start — 13 May 2021

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    2. All minor roads have drop kerbs to facilitate crossing but some are of poor quality. 2 km from start — 13 May 2021

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    3. Access to the old railway line at the northern-most corner of the large Morrison's superstore 3 km from start — 13 May 2021

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    4. One of several similar cycle-calming barriers along the old railway line footpath. 4 km from start — 13 May 2021

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    5. The point of departure from the old railway line footpath, heading to the B6243. It is possible to continue along the railway line, along the footpath towards Grimsargh/Longridge but the latter part of this track is not a public right of way and also becomes very overgrown. 6 km from start — 13 May 2021

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    6. The narrowest section of the route (other than stiles and cycle barriers). This is the point where the off-road section of the route leaves Grimsargh by the side of the Plough Inn. If this section of the route is to be avoided, it is necessary to head east along the B6243 to Longridge at this point 8 km from start — 13 May 2021

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    7. One of the numerous step-stiles on the section between Grimsargh and Longridge. The path here drops relatively roughly and steeply from the old railway embankment to access the stile itself. Together with one other similar feature close by, these are the only points on the walk which are other than virtually flat. 8.5 km from start — 13 May 2021

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    8. Signposting is unclear passing through/past these properties. It is necessary to ensure that you stay on the northern side of the hedge/fence running north-east away from the buildings 9 km from start — 13 May 2021

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    9. Livestock in the fields around Sudell's Farm. 10 km from start — 13 May 2021

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    10. Some of the stiles along this section are narrow and unstable 10.5 km from start — 13 May 2021

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    11. The point where the footpath leaves the Industrial Estate access road is not clearly marked. 11 km from start — 13 May 2021

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    12. The point at which the footpath leaves Green Nook Lane (heading from Longridge to Grimsargh) may be poorly signposted. Also note the footbridge with no barriers. 11 km from start — 13 May 2021

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