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For Matcri 4772 by SeaGreen

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    1. Walked from Matlock to Crich and took the bus back. The first section to get out of Matlock is through the park and then the road up to the lower school, but good pavements (in fact was my kid's walk to school) then the next section is straight up the hill to Riber Castle - part flagstones and part good dirt path. It's very steep (is the school cross country run). No gates or stiles - but that changes after Riber. This is an old pinch stile reinforced by a gate and there are many more to come. 2.4 km from start — 01 Aug 2021

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    2. Typical pinch stile. 2.8 km from start — 01 Aug 2021

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    3. A classic step-over stile but on top of a boulder to make life interesting. 4 km from start — 01 Aug 2021

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    4. Stepping stones. 4.6 km from start — 01 Aug 2021

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    5. The modern equivalent of pinch stiles - found a lot of these on this route. 6.4 km from start — 01 Aug 2021

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    6. Short stretch through the woods with a narrow earth path and the ground dropping away quite steeply. No real problem despite the torrential rain the day before. 7 km from start — 01 Aug 2021

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