Accessibility Photo Survey

For Heaash 1361 by DjWalker

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    1. Taken on Smarden Road heading away from Headcorn. Love Lane can be seen as a turning on the left. The image shows the lack of footpath or 'escape' for pedestrians along this section of fast road. 1 km from start —

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    2. This is looking where you will be walking from if you left Headcorn. The footpath signposted in the hedgerow to the right is poorly maintained and would be impossible for chair users. Some dog owners would struggle. There is an alternative which is to carry on walking past this footpath along the road until you get to a T junction then take a left a long the road to pick up where the footpath comes out of the field. 3.3 km from start —

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    3. Whilst the fields that you cross are clearly marked, the soil can be cracked and very bumpy in the hot summer sun. The same paths can be thick with mud when it rains. This is a typical path that the farmer has defined heading towards Ashford. 9.5 km from start —

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