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For Finwhe 3369 by Strider

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    1. I walked from Finchley Central Tube Station North to Whetstone Tube Station - Finwhe. This shows the busy intersection with the entrance to Finchley Central Tube straight ahead. Turn right out of here past the shops (shown on left) NW along Ballards Lane. 0 km from start — 29 Jul 2021

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    2. This is the easily missed entrance to Nether Street, a footpath on the left (coming from Finchley tube). Follow this steep downhill path over the tube railway to the Dollis Valley Greenwalk and turn right 0.5 km from start — 29 Jul 2021

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    3. Dollis Valley Greenwalk. Good quality paths for most of the way. Benches and playgrounds. Trees and wildlife. 2 km from start — 29 Jul 2021

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    4. Short middle section beside the road. There is a signpost showing this right turn but you have to lookout for it. 2.5 km from start — 29 Jul 2021

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    5. Dollis Valley Greenwalk. Some short sections may become muddy in wet weather. 3 km from start — 29 Jul 2021

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    6. Looking right up the hill (12%) you can see Whetstone Tube Station on the left near the top. End/begining the Finwhe Slowway. The Greenwalk continues to the left and joins the London Loop after 1km. 4.5 km from start — 29 Jul 2021

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