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For Edgfin 3109 by Strider

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    1. I walked West from Edgware to Finchley - Edgfin. There is a narrow bridge at a cut-through close to Edgware Tube with kissing gates either side (shown on the Boredg route survey). This is the narrowest point at 120cm as the pavement passes under the M1 and A1 by a busy road, dingy but always dry. 2.5 km from start — 29 Jul 2021

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    2. Walking by the Copthall Sports Centre. Wide well made pavements. 3.5 km from start — 29 Jul 2021

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    3. Just past the roundabout close to Mill Hill East Tube Station where there are shops and a Pub. This shows the path to the right that goes up the hill to Finchley, a steep path that is not beside a road for a nice change. To the Left the pavement passes under the Mill Hill Viaduct where you can join the Dollis Valley Greenwalk going North. If you're aim is Whetstone then this is a shortcut to Finwhe Slowway along the Greenwalk avoiding the hill up to Finchley and back down again to the Greenwalk. 6 km from start — 29 Jul 2021

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    4. The steep path up from Mill Hill to Finchley. Paved but with some ruts. Away from the cars :-) 6.2 km from start — 29 Jul 2021

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    5. Suburban road found on this route illustrating the pavement beside a road walking typical of this route. Here on the hill up towards Finchley Tube. There is a spire you are heading toward on the skyline, this is the top. There is a nice graveyard you pass through close to the top which belongs to a church hidden from here, compacted gravel path. 6.5 km from start — 29 Jul 2021

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    6. The End (perhaps the begining for you). Showing the busy intersection with the entrance to Finchley Central Tube Station straight ahead. Plenty of shops and cafes to the left along Ballards Lane. 7 km from start — 29 Jul 2021

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