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For Edgbre 2499 by Strider

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    1. I walked from Edgware to Brent Cross The pictures will follow the route going South-East. Just Past Edgware Tube the first of many little cut-throughs along the route, Bakery Path.0.1 0.05 km from start — 11 Jul 2021

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    2. The route's narrowest part across a bridge about 130cm wide, the first time you cross the Silk stream on this route and part of a cut-through with kissing gates at either end. 0.5 km from start — 11 Jul 2021

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    3. Suburban pavements, most are well maintained along the route but there are some lumps and gaps. Lots of crossing places with dropped curbs. All well lit. 1 km from start — 11 Jul 2021

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    4. Just after Watling Park looking toward Burnt Oak Tube Station at 2.5km 2.3 km from start — 11 Jul 2021

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    5. The beginning of Silk Stream Park, 1km long, good paths lots of activities. Colindale is at the other end. The second of 4 well maintained parks. 2.7 km from start — 11 Jul 2021

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    6. The Silk Stream in Silk Stream Park. Had to include the stream as you follow it closely for 2/3 of the route 3 km from start — 11 Jul 2021

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    7. Looking back NW toward Colindale Tube station, There is some landscaping to the left in this picture behind the fence (more green?) but this does not obstruct the path. 11/7/21 4.1 km from start — 11 Jul 2021

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    8. After another unnamed park 0.7km long another cut-through under 2 rail bridges. Perhaps not so nice at night. 6.2 km from start — 11 Jul 2021

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    9. Immediately after going under the rail lines this goes over the M1. 50 sloping steps up but only 11 sloping steps on the other (south) side. 6.4 km from start — 11 Jul 2021

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    10. After a subway close to Hendon Tube, the highest point on the route, more cut-throughs and Hendon Park (0.7km) this bridge over the North Circular A406 is the last obstacle but at least this has zig-zag slopes if stairs are too much. A rather sad looking River Brent can be seen here. 9.5 km from start — 11 Jul 2021

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    11. My destination, perhaps your start point, Brent Cross Tube Station. Multiple exits onto different roads are closed late at night and weekends. There is Britain's first shopping center very close by. km from start — 11 Jul 2021

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