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For Cardnew 2640 by mtormey

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    1. For this survey of "Cardnew one" I walked from Cardiff to Newport. The Slow Way begins at the gorgeous Cardiff Central station! 0 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    2. The route follows the sidewalk away from the station. 0.1 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    3. Pretty typical view for the section as we navigate out of Cardiff. 0.8 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    4. The road crossing at the major A road intersection is a nasty five-stage crossing. It's signalised and there's crossing islands in the middle of each road, but it's just a big intersection to navigate! 0.9 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    5. Route continues through this nice modal filter and enters a quiet industrial/residential and then residential neighbourhood. 0.9 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    6. Pretty typical view from this stretch of the route: sidewalk walking through quiet residential streets. 1.3 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    7. There's this paved cut-through path from Tweedsmuir Road. Looks to be lined with streetlights, too! Where the path intersects with a road at a cul-de-sac, the sidewalk looked to be discontinuous with no kerb ramps, suggesting to me the path may not be wheelchair friendly. 3.3 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    8. The cut-through path off Mercia Road/Mona Place was locked. Instead, I just went onto Meirion Place and followed that around to the park no problem. To enter the park you have to go through this weird constricting gate. 3.7 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    9. Path through park is paved and it's very pleasant walking. 3.8 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    10. The Slow Way route has you cutting over from Ffordd Pengam to Rover Way where there is no path. Instead, stay on Ffordd Pengam and the cut-over is a bit further north along the road, in the direction you were supposed to be going anyway! This picture is of the cross-over path. 4.5 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    11. Path then enters the woods briefly! It's a nice compacted dirt surface, more than a meter wide. 4.6 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    12. The crossing of Lamby Way at the roundabout isn't super pleasant, but there is a crossing island so it can be done in pieces. Then, there's a stretch of sidewalk walking along this big road. Not terribly pleasant, but not terribly long either. 4.9 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    13. After the bridge over the water, a sign indicates that the Welsh Coast Path leaves the sidewalk to the left - take it! It follows the road in parallel for a stretch but it is way more pleasant than continuing to walk along the road. 5.1 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    14. After turning south from Lamby Way/Wentloog Avenue, follow the dirt/gravel road/path to the water! 5.9 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    15. There was this bizarre rock formation set up once you get to the water. It was a bit tight to squeeze through. Looks like it's to prevent cyclists on the Welsh Coast Path, but it was awkward to get through! 7.1 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    16. Pretty typical view of the path for the next several miles! Important to note that there was very little shade and no benches for resting. 7.2 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    17. Handful of gates like this along this stretch. 10.1 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    18. There were two instances of cows in the same space as me - once they were down at the bottom of the seawall/levee/raised area the path follows, and once they were on top with me! I'm scared of cows, so I was luckily able to get around them, but the terrain is not the most forgiving and it is difficult to get off that raised surface the path is on. 11.3 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    19. There was a (very short but) relatively steep descent off the raised surface, then two steps down, then a gate, then one step back up to leave the Welsh Coast Path and start heading north again. 15.1 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    20. The proceeding section was a dirt track road. 15.4 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    21. Re-entering onto footpaths, there was a stretch with two or three wooden bridges with steps/gates/stiles/uneven surfaces on approach! 15.9 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    22. Another example of some uneven surface on the footpath in this stretch approaching St. Brides Wentlooge. 15.9 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    23. The final obstacle before reaching St. Brides Wentlooge is a series that goes: uneven surface -> steps up -> gate -> bridge -> gate -> steps down directly onto B road. 16.1 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    24. B road walking is very short and there are generally places to hop off-road if necessary. 16.2 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    25. The next stretch of road walking is very quiet and pleasant. 16.4 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    26. I found this next stretch difficult to navigate. Instead of going into the churchyard as the route tells you to, turn left on the road just before the church, and follow that around to the right. From here to Green Lane, I felt like I only ever had one option of where to go at any one time, but the route of farm lanes like this one was not the route that the map suggested it would be. There were also two locked gates I had to climb over. 16.7 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    27. Another example of the path through the farmlane before Green Lane. Okay walking surface, but a bit rutted and uneven. 17 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    28. Green Lane is road walking, but I would be shocked if there were really EVER CARS on it. Very quiet and pleasant walking. There is a brief ascent and descent over the railway crossing. 18 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    29. Boulders in the road just after the railway crossing. 18.4 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    30. Next, the route follows the cycle route for a stretch. I encountered two cyclists, but it was a very hot day! Path surface is very good. 18.8 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    31. The Slow Way route diverges from the cycle route to follow a canal of sorts. I wasn't sure it was truly a footpath, but it was a very short stretch to get back onto a sidewalk through a residential area. 19.2 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    32. After a stretch of sidewalk through a residential area, the route follows a shared cycle path with good separation from a major road. This is where the Asda is, which came in handy on a hot day! 20 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    33. The cut-through path through the housing estate was handy, off-road, and pleasant. 20.6 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    34. Path continues on the other side of the B road. The crossing of the B road was a bit dicey. 21.3 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    35. Fun bridge! There was a minor ascent up to it. 21.5 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    36. Another gate-like barrier on the off-road path. 21.6 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    37. Path continues through underpass, then there's a brief ascent (with a switchback so it's more gradual, as it's on a cycle route) back to the path that runs parallel to the A road. 21.7 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    38. Sidewalk path through the Industrial/superstore area is pleasant, but the many road crossings are just a bit unpleasant. Not much comfortable crossing infrastructure (like crossing islands, marked crosswalks, or signals, for example). 22.8 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    39. Route continues across a modal filter and into a residential neighbourhood again. 23.6 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    40. Paved path through park wasn't quite as plotted, but it was close enough that I could figure out where to go no problem. 23.7 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    41. The paths through this stretch were a little different from what's mapped, but I could always figure it out. There weren't so many paths that it was easy to get lose, but there were plenty in that it was easy to devise a way through while staying off-road! 24.1 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    42. And pleasant wide sidewalks and pedestrianized streets in Newport! 24.6 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    43. Cut through path to get to station. 25.6 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    44. Plaza approaching station. 25.7 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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    45. And we've made it! Newport Station! 25.9 km from start — 21 Jul 2021

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