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For Brefin 2503 by Strider

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    1. I walked from Finchley Central Tube Station to Brent Cross Tube station. This is Finchley Central Tube station entrance. Shops to the left and the route to the right. 0 km from start — 11 Aug 2021

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    2. Steven's House and Gardens are beautiful and well worth a visit. well made paths but steep in places, café and benches. You have to walk all through the gardens, past the café, the route shown goes through an inaccessible gate. BEWARE limited opening times. Today in August opening was 8am to 6pm, and it can be closed for events occasionally, look it up before you travel. Walk along Finchley Road to bypass if closed. 1 km from start — 11 Aug 2021

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    3. Wide open paved walkways along the Finchley Road and a surprise farm. Find a good place to cross over to the farm side of the road if travelling South you will need to be on that side when approaching Henley's corner. 2 km from start — 11 Aug 2021

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    4. 'La Deliverance' or 'The Naked Lady' as she is known locally. Going South just past her is Henley's Corner the busy A1/A406 interchange. if you cross on this side there are good crossing points and the Dollis Valley Greenwalk is right next to this crossing point. If going North, aim for her to set you on the path over the busy interchange. 2.5 km from start — 11 Aug 2021

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    5. Dollis Valley Greenwalk. well made tarmac paths, steep and wet in places but generally smooth. Follow the Capital Ring signs from here to close to Brent Cross Tube. 3 km from start — 11 Aug 2021

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    6. Brent Park also has tarmac paths but are not so well maintained, they are crumbly in places, muddy at the low spots with evidence of flooding. Some steep parts. 3.5 km from start — 11 Aug 2021

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    7. Busy junction across the A1, walking across the roads using the traffic light controlled crossing points is easier than using the steep crossing bridge. 4 km from start — 11 Aug 2021

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    8. Brent Cross Tube station the start/finish of your journey 4.5 km from start — 11 Aug 2021

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