Accessibility Photo Survey

For Botlon 5854 by Hugh Hudson

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    1. Walked from Bottesford to Long Bennington. This is the route outside Bottesford railway station. 0.06 km from start —

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    2. level crossing by Bottesford station 0.16 km from start —

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    3. The path initially follows a surfaced lane up the hill 0.19 km from start —

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    4. we leave the lane through this gap 0.32 km from start —

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    5. The field path is well marked, and takes a more direct line than the right of way 0.4 km from start —

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    6. Further across the field, still on a clearly cut path 0.64 km from start —

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    7. we enter a little wood through this gap 1.32 km from start —

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    8. in the wood on a clear path 1.4 km from start —

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    9. leaving the wood 1.4 km from start —

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    10. in the next field the cut path follows the hedge where the right of way goes straight across 1.48 km from start —

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    11. The path crosses the hedge through a wide gap 1.77 km from start —

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    12. This section is on a good track 1.77 km from start —

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    13. The farm track turns right, and the path beyond is in long grass 2.11 km from start —

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    14. further along 2.37 km from start —

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    15. crossing a bridge into the next field 2.62 km from start —

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    16. The waymarker here shows the way, but the crop is not cut at this point. I went straight through it and reached a tractor line heading in roughly the right direction 2.7 km from start —

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    17. the line I followed 2.75 km from start —

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    18. eventually a much clearer path appears 3.06 km from start —

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    19. another clear field track 3.22 km from start —

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    20. We continue along a wide cut gap in the crop 3.52 km from start —

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    21. At the edge of the field there is a short section through longer grass 3.89 km from start —

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    22. in the next field 4.26 km from start —

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    23. the path continues through this gate 4.44 km from start —

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    24. here the right of way goes straight on, but is little used and hard to follow. The GPX route follows the track left, but it is not clear that this is a right of way 4.57 km from start —

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    25. This is the contentious track, which I decided not to follow. 4.58 km from start —

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    26. Having tried to follow the right of way, it soon became very overgrown, so I cut back across to the route shown on the GPX 4.63 km from start —

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    27. The track is good once you reach it 5.42 km from start —

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    28. This is where the track meets the road 5.87 km from start —

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    29. we cross the A1 on a road bridge 6.24 km from start —

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    30. There is no pavement on the road into Long Bennington, but it is not too busy 6.52 km from start —

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    31. Long Bennington has plenty of benches, and there is a small supermarket opposite the meeting point 7.48 km from start —

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